Cerner VDI Integration

This  systems integrates PACS with the Cerner dictation systems to improve  clinician productivity.  

In the past the clinicians had to interact with different desktop systems, to interpret images on the PACS and then dictate the impressions on the RIS, and then verify the transcribed results.  With our desktop integration the solution is just a couple of mouse clicks away.  The study selected in a PACS can be communicated to the Cerner dictation system and the context is shared between the  two applications running on the same desktop.  Once the dictation session is complete, the user may return to select the next study for interpretation.  It is that simple.  The context can be shared under the users control any time.

 Supported systems

The current implementation supports Quadris and RadNet.  The number of PACS vendors supported is increasing.  Currently support is available for Stentor/Phillips, Siemens for both RIS packages.   Others will be announced soon.