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Sapheneia Clarity Training.

it is one thing to purchase a Clarity server, and it is another thing to maximize its benefits to your organization.  Yes we will tune and fine tune your image processing to your needs, and to your operation, but a tool like this will change the way you look at your acquisition workflow.  In most cases it would take a fair amount of time to identify all the opportunities this technology affords.   We can shortcut all of that for you.  We offer specialized training for both your radiologists and your CT technologists.  Low dose imagery even processed will lend itself to a different visual experience,  subtle changes, that regular dose images present one way, may look different in processed low dose images, the introduction this technology will affect your diagnostic process in a positive, but measurable way.

Your technologists will have to alter how they perform their acquisition to provide your diagnosticians with the best possible image at the lowest possible doses.  We will assist and train your technologists to master this procedural change in the shortest possible time.

Training can be provided, at your location or offsite anywhere in the world.  We will charge a base fee regardless the number of students and a per student charge will added.  Volume discount applies for classes with 5 or more students.  We will have separate training classes for the technologists and radiologists. 

As part of the installation service for the clarity server your PACS administration or IT personnel will receive a basic training session.  If additional training is desired it will be arranged and charged on a one by one basis.

Contact sales@objectforge.net  for more details and for pricing information.

Compressus MEDxConnect Training.

Based on the cooperative arrangement between the two companies we are proud to offer training targeting this enterprise strength image management product line.  Our technical experts will train your PACS personnel how to monitor, maintain and configure the system.  As a result your IT department will become better equipped to meet your end user needs, and become better prepared to help us diagnose those rare technical problems.

User training is targeted to address the needs of the users of the Virtual Worklist.  Specific, integrated versions of the Virtual Worklist user training are being developed as these integrations become available.   We will consider class sizes as small as one or two people.  

All Compressus training caries a base charge, regardless of class size, and a per student surcharge is applied.  Volume discounts are offered for classes of 5 or more students.

Contact sales@Objectforge.net for more details and for pricing information.


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