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DICOM Toolkit

There are many DICOM toolkits available today.   Why would you consider this one?  There are a number of reasons. 

Almost all toolkits on the market follow the old model established a long time ago by one of the toolkit pioneers.   The people who wrote one of the first commercial DICOM toolkits decided to follow the Berkley socket model, and everybody followed their lead. 

One establishes connections, or accepts connections, builds and sends messages, and parses them on receipt.   A nice and comfortable procedural thinking model well suited for the software architectures of the early nineties.  

Our DICOM toolkit offers a gateway into a new object oriented domain.  One does not deal with discrete functions to handle connections, and messages, but rather with objects representing SCUs and SCPs with various threads of execution.   SOP instances  can be targets of interaction through collector objects like patients, studies and series.  

Key Benefits

  • Highly abstracted object oriented interface
  • Full support of all parts of the standard.
  • Comprehensive IOD validation
  • Support for all popular software platforms

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